Children who need a sponsor - 2

Akello Dinah


Through child protection Dianh and her younger brother Yubo were brought to us in 2014. She is suffering from epilepsy but medication is taking care of it. She is now performing well in school, going to S1, the first year of Secondary School. She is 14 years, a quiet, sweet girl.

Ogwang Yubo


Yubo is the younger brother of Dinah. He is now 11 years old.He goes to P4. Very playful and frolicsome, a lovely boy. He is very much at home with us.

Nancy Apudu


Nancy is with us since 2014. Originally from Apac District. She is now 14 years old and attending S1, the first year of Secondary School. Her sickly father still lives in Apac, together with step brothers and sisters. Her mother and step mother have died. She is a cheerful girl, sometimes a little homesick. She is very glad to be with us as in Apac she had to work very hard. She suffered from “stunted growth”, but has started to grow. Good food and enough sleep do miracles.

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